Профессиональный английский язык: электроэнергетика. Часть 2

The course is intended for students who aim to improve language competency and get an additional qualification, to combine special knowledge and interpreting skills in the field of professional communication.

The course covers such professional issues as substation equipment, safety and reliability of electric grids, smart grids and innovations, energy economics, etc.

Learning outcomes

As a result of the course students should be able to demonstrate:

Knowledge of:
• English vocabulary and grammar necessary for successful oral and written communication in the fields related to the thematic scope of the course;
• Relevant professional terminology in the field of power engineering (substation equipment, safety and reliability of electric grids, smart grids and innovations, energy economics, etc.);
• Different ways of searching and analyzing information from oral and written English language sources.

Skills in:
• understanding oral and written English related to power engineering issues;
• describing graphs and technological products;
• making and delivering presentations in English on professional topics;
• analyzing written and oral English to express their agreement/disagreement and justify opinions;
• analyzing scientific literature including articles, research papers in the field of power engineering.

Experience of:
• rendering the text in the target language using relevant terminology with the proper level of adequacy and accuracy;
• developing the learner autonomy skills.

Learning programme

13.03.01, 13.03.02, 13.03.03, 14.05.02, 45.03.02

Course syllabus

1. Module 1. Substation equipment (electrical substations, transformers, circuit breakers, relays, etc.).
2. Module 2. Safety and reliability of electric grids (power outages, incidents).
3. Module 3.  Smart grids and innovations (smart grid infrastructure).
4. Module 4. Energy Economics (energy regulations, power market, energy tariffs).
5. Achievement / Final test

Course duration, сourse complexity

Course duration: 18 weeks
Course complexity: 4 credits for discipline.
72 hours for part 1 (2 credits); 72 hours for part 2 (2 credits).
Form of control: final test (part 1), exam (part 2).

Author of the course

Irina Chesnokova, Associate Professor, Division of Foreign Languages, School of Core Engineering Education, https://staff.tpu.ru/personal/employee?lid=61988 

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